A New Year, New You

Weight Loss Challenge 2016


Helping The Hungry 1 Pound At A Time

Thank you to our sponsors

Silver Sponsor

Dragon's Den MMA


Located in Grafton.  Dragon's Den will be holding Cardio Kick boxing Classes on Fridays.


The cost of the class is $5.00 with all proceeds going to Project HOP2E


Dragon's Den is also sponsoring 1 years worth of Cardio Kick Boxing to the winner.

Silver Sponsor

Tygart Valley Rehabilitation and Fitness


Located Grafton.  TVRF will be the weigh-in station for Taylor County.


Tygart Valley Rehabilitation and Fitness is also sponsoring 1 year of free membership to the gym for the grand prize winner.  They are also offering a 6 month membership to all 4 individual group winners.

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Please Email Registration Form to:  projecthop2e@gmail.com

A New Year New You

Weight Loss Challenge 2016




The competition will begin on January 8th, 2016 at Fitness Friday in Grafton, WV and run through Memorial Day Weekend.  The Finale will be held on Saturday May 28th, 2016.  The competition is open to everyone who lives in Taylor, Harrison, Marion, Monongalia, Preston and Barbour Counties.


There will be 4 individual divisions and 2 group divisions:


Individuals:  Everyone who registers will compete in this group.


1. Youth:    ages 5-12

2. Teens:   ages 13-19

3.  Adults:  ages 20-54

4. Seniors: ages 55 and up




1.  Family:  To be eligible to compete in this division you must be related in one of the

     following ways.  No more than 5 family members on a team  However you must all be

     present at the same time to weigh in.  For every family member not present during

     weigh-ins a 2lb penalty will be assessed at the next weigh-in.  If you are competing in

     the family group you cannot be compete as a member a team group.


          a.  Mother or Father (including step parents)

          b.  Grandparents

          c.  Brothers or Sisters

          d.  Aunts or Uncles (no great aunt or uncles)

          e.  1st Cousins only


2.  Teams: Teams must consist of 4 members.  You cannot compete in the family groups.

      All members of the team must be present during the weigh-ins.  For each member not

     present during the weigh-ins a 2lb penalty will be assessed at the next weigh-in.



Weigh-In information:


Weigh-ins will take place on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. You are only required to attend one weigh-in a month but you can attend both.


A list of available places to weigh in will be posted in the coming days.




Each contestant will be asked to ask people to sponsor them for every pound they lose.  There is no set amount on how much money someone must pay to sponsor you.  It may be a penny a pound or 100 a pound.  It is the individual sponsors choice.


The money should be collected and turned in monthly.  This allows the contestants to show their sponsors how they are doing and also allows us to track how much money is being raised.  Whoever raises the most money will win a prize.




The finale will be held on Saturday May 28th, 2016 in downtown Grafton during the Spirit of Grafton's Memorial Day Weekend.  The top 5 contestants or teams in each division will be weighed in on stage.  There will be a prize given to the winner of each division.  The person who loses the biggest percentage of weight will be declared the Grand Champion and win a trip to the Caribbean.  Either Mexico or the Dominican Republic.